The Mustard Seed of Central Florida
Project Category: Humanitarian Aid
Volunteers from Advent Health are constructing the stackable beds.

Photo Caption: Volunteers from Advent Health are constructing the stackable beds.

The Mustard Seed has been running an operation to recycle old mattresses in order to finance a furniture and clothing bank for people in need in their community. Working in conjunction with groups like Christian Service Center, The Mustard Seed helps obtain housing, and furnishings for the new home, and even clothes for those struggling with homelessness.

In 2018, Stephanie received furniture and clothing assistance from The Mustard Seed after fleeing a dangerous relationship and finding herself homeless. “That was my first apartment after being homeless,” Stephanie said. “I was able to grab my kids and my cats and go. We didn’t even have the opportunity to put on shoes. We got out with our lives, and for that, I am totally grateful. To have a place to come to after such an ordeal is a blessing all itself. But to have furniture to place into the apartment for my girls to have a bed of their own to lay in tonight is what will make that place special, will make that place home. We thank Mustard Seed for being here for us again, as it was for us before when everything was lost to us almost exactly two years ago. We feel we’re not alone.”

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