Diocese of Kumbo Fund
Project Category: Adult Readiness
Graduating class from the Diocese of Kumbo

Photo Caption: Graduating class from the Diocese of Kumbo

The Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Hostel Complex project is a positively ambitious project that hopes to provide 140 living rooms to students by the next academic year 2021/2022. Its dream is also to attach ancillary services, such as a restaurant, provision store, laundry, and a gymnasium; hence the hostel complex. These other services will be made available to other members of the community who do not have abode in the hostel.

The Hostel will provide security in the ongoing Anglophone War, where many staff and students have been kidnapped for ransom, and some even killed.

This project is meant to wipe the tears of pain from many faces that have seen and the tasted the ravages and scourges of the Anglophone War in Cameroon, console encourage parents to send their children to the Catholic University, enable effective teaching and studies by providing better board and lodging facilities in a secure environment, increase the university’s enrollment, and in many other ways, help to resolve the Anglophone Crisis and contribute to the end of war.

The socio-political unrest in Cameroons has caused thousands of English-speaking Cameroonians to try fleeing the country in search of education and jobs in greener pastures. Out of the approximately one thousand Africans who drowned in the Mediterranean in an escape from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe before the Covid-19 pandemic started, close to 20% were estimated to be Cameroonians with a good number from the English-speaking sector. Many more have perished in the Amazon Forest or in the Mexican Desert trying to get into the US through Mexico. A good number is presently in US immigration jails awaiting trial and possible deportation to face a merciless government back home. This hostel project will contribute to providing a good education programs with good board and lodging facilities, leading to creation of jobs (including on campus jobs for students) and an increase in the standards of living that will keep the children home.