Mission Support for the Achrdiocese of Tororo
Project Category: Sustainability
Students who are learning tailoring are showing off their woven tablecloths.

Photo Caption: Students who are learning tailoring are showing off their woven tablecloths.

Founded in 2002 by the Religious Congregation of the Eucharistic Handmaid Sisters (EHS), the Archdiocese of Tororo is a Vocational Training Institute. Their organization is found in Mulagi which is a locality in Butaleja District in the Archdiocese of Tororo. They support young girls and teach them hands-on skills such as catering, secretarial, tailoring, and computer knowledge. The skills the girls will learn will teach them how to be self-reliant and be able to create job opportunities for themselves.

The main goal for their organization is to help the girls who are drop-outs, victims of domestic violence, orphans, and suffer from teenage pregnancy. All of the girls who go through these challenges are welcome into the program. Along with the skills they will develop, the girls will have great discipline and moral values to transform their lives for the better.

The institution not only supports girls from Butaleja, but from all 16 civil districts that is covered by Archdiocese of Tororo, East Uganda. The institution currently has a facility that accommodates around 250 students. The facility has enough space and classrooms for physical, psychological and spiritual educational activities. There are 10 classroom tutors and 3 nuns who help better the young girls. In addition, there are two additional priests to give extra support. With all of the tools at their disposal, the institution sees around 80% of girls who get employment opportunities.