Los Lomos Water Project
Project Category: Adult Readiness

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A diocese is a community of believers who live together in one accord. Established back in 1968, The Diocese of Orlando was formed to serve the worldwide Church and society in general. They help out around 79 parishes, 43 schools, and hundreds of different ministries. The members strive to live a life following the teachings of Jesus Christ by studying the Word of God and teaching those around them. However, not all Diocese are the same, some are lacking in areas that can affect their reach. With the help from The Fathers Table Foundation, The Diocese of Orlando can fix the problem.

One of the Diocese's in the Dominican Republic, Diocese of San Juan De La Maguana, does not have proper access to water. The goal is to help provide running water to 800 families that live in the community. With the help from volunteer missioners and the local community, a clean and efficient water source will be constructed. With this source of water, the spiritual goal of sharing along with God's love will be shown.

To find out more about the Los Lomos Water Project, please visit their website.