Every Kid Outreach
Project Category: Child Welfare

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Through many different experiences it has been proven that students do a little better than others if they receive help. Not just any help, but help from people not associated with their school. This extra assistance allows the student to be better-rounded. Furthermore, this also paves the way for the students who get this help to have a better chance at success. The Every Kid Outreach is a specially designed program that offers this additional help for students. To be more specific, the “L3 On Campus” part of Every Kid Outreach will engage the students with special educational teachings. In addition, the L3 On Campus will provide social opportunities that will empower the students to be self-sufficient. With the help of all the new people surrounding the students in and out of school, there future will go from being bright to the brightest.

The Every Kid Outreach will select 30 female and 30 male students from the ages of 13-18 years old. The students chosen have to meet at least one criteria set by the organization. First off, the student must show leadership abilities in their school or community. Secondly, the student must maintain a GPA of at least a 2.5. Thirdly, the student must live in an at-risk area or come from a single parent home.

Each class will be held by 1 instructor and 2 mentors. The class will last for a 30-week period and will have lessons on social issues, ethical dilemmas, public speaking and last but not least career options. Not to mention, the students will participate in 2 overnight retreats, 6 trips to local businesses and multiple college tours.

In conclusion, everything these students will go through will make them better students and will increase their academic performance. All results will be measured by a student survey both before and after joining the program. Both test will be compared after sometime to determine if the children are better off than before.

To find out more about Every Kid Outreach, please visit their website.