CRS Emergency Response in Iraq
Project Category: Disaster Relief

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Have you or anyone you know experienced the tragedy of losing everything? If so, they you know how 6 million Iraqis felt over 4 years ago. During this time ISIS captured Mosul and the 6 million Iraqis were made to move from their homes. Even though currently more than half of the Iraqis returned home they were meet with many difficult challenges. Some of the Iraqis that returned had their houses burned, infrastructures destroyed and some even lost their business. As a matter of fact, 1 out of 4 schools were destroyed while the remaining schools were badly damaged. To make things even worse land-mines could still be found by the Iraqis who came back. Furthermore, the savings that families had built up were gone and government resources were almost completely depleted. However, the Catholic Relief Services will help out the Iraqis get back on their feet who lost everything to ISIS.

CRS (Catholic Relief Services) will take a holistic approach for recovery. Being inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Relief Services will help rebuild communities. Providing shelter, supplies, an education and jobs is the main focus in Iraq. The Catholic Relief Services in Iraq will rebuild safe homes that will provide living supplies. These supplies are not limited to kitchen sets, bedding material, stoves, blankets and many more. Furthermore, the CRS will help Iraq by improving the children’s access to education and promote emotional support. However, the CRS knows that Iraq will need more than just material things to get back onto its feet. They know in order for Iraq to survive on their own, they will need something more. The CRS has built systems in place that will allow the Iraqis to be able to be self-sufficient. The CRS with the collaboration of Iraq are on their way to change the lives of all 6 million Iraqis who lost everything.

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