African Windmill Project
Project Category: Child Welfare
Women stand in a field with a red windmill in the background.

Photo Caption: Women stand in a field with a red windmill in the background.

Teaching Malawi farmer’s sustainable agriculture practices.

The Africa windmill project plans on having families in Malawi, Africa to have food security. Currently, families in Malawi are malnourished and hungry and don’t have any reliable source of food or income. The focus of the Africa Windmill Project is to create sustainable agriculture to fulfill those needs. As a result, food security will create many opportunities for housing and education to the families in Malawi.

The project will be teaching small holder farmers who currently take up 85% of the Malawi population how to grow food all year round. As a matter of fact, the small holder farmers are 70% women whose ages range from 15-80. Coupled with that 70%, 46% of the population is under the age of 14, 5% are over the age of 55, and the average age of the entire population is 16 years old. In addition, the country’s GDP per capita in 2017 was $1,200.

Starter packs will be given to the Malawi farmers for two growing seasons and each farmer will undergo training for 12 weeks. With all of this, the Malawi farmers will also be provided with irrigation pumps to distribute water to crops. The training will be completed in 4 years’ time which will ensure that the project will be successful. Together with all their training and the amount of food they grow, the small holder farmers in Malawi will be able to sell their harvested crops. As they sell their crops, it will provide income for drinking water, improved housing, and education.

The Africa windmill project will use many different funding sources to help propel the goal of small holder farmers attaining sustainability in food and income. The project will use a community asset development approach to ensure farmers are given adequate help in developing their future food source.

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