Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor
Project Category: Child Welfare

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Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor is trying to create a steady source of water in a Tanzania facility. Currently, the facility contains 320 orphans and poor children, but in the near future the facility will be increasing in both staff members and students. In addition to the many orphans and poor children, there is also a group of nuns who watch over all of the children. In addition to watching over the kids, the nuns also act as their teachers during school hours. The facility currently doesn’t have any steady sources of water to sustain the needs of the 320 orphans and poor children as well as the nuns. To satisfy all of the facilities needs the projects main focus will be to create a reliable source of water.

The Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor have decided to provide the Tanzania facility with a proper source of water. Firstly, in order to do this the missionary has decided to use gutters to collect all the water that comes down from the roofs of the houses. Similarly, the Missionary Sisters have also put a gutter system in the school to collect the water that falls from there. Afterwards, that water is then collected and sent into storage tanks, and from the storage tanks the water gets sent to multiple water pumps located throughout the facility. Together with the use of various water pumps and storage tanks, the nuns from Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor will be able to share the collected water to all the orphans. While using every resource at their disposal, the Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor are creating a life for future and current orphans without having to worry about water.

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